How Can Marketing Keywords Shape Your Agency’s Strategy?

Before we delve into what exactly those core marketing keywords are, though, it’s worth noting how they can be used.

These keywords can give your agency a good idea of what your audience is looking for, such as:

  • The kinds of marketing problems they are looking to solve
  • The types of services they are looking for
  • The geographical areas they are based in
  • Their level of understanding of digital marketing
  • The industries they operate in

As a result, they can help you to create a far more effective content marketing strategy, build authority and expertise in a particular field or specialism, and even target potentially untapped markets.

As mentioned, they can also influence your business strategy. Instead of choosing what services your agency is going to offer and then marketing them, why not flip things around? You can see what kinds of queries and terms audiences are searching for and then tweak your services and your approach accordingly.

So, what are these key digital marketing keywords?

To find out, we did some detailed research using Semrush’s Keyword Research toolkit. However, rather than just copy and paste a jumbled list of generic marketing terms (and brand them as “the most important keywords in marketing”), we wanted to provide some actual insight into keywords that are specific—and helpful—for agencies.

To start, we looked closely at the monthly search volume of terms related to digital marketing. We also looked at the Cost per Click (CPC) and Keyword Difficulty (KD) (a Semrush indicator of how hard it is to rank in the SERP top 10) for each term. This allowed us to see which areas and specialisms are the most widely searched, regardless of intent.

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