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Creating Buyer Personas

How to Attract & Communicate With Ideal Buyers

We’ll let you in on a little secret:
The most successful businesses recognize that it’s not about
knowing who their customers are but rather understanding how their customers think.
For those who don’t know the importance of buyer behavior data,
this information is crucial in order to create a successful marketing strategy that will carry the prospective customer down the sales funnel to conversion.
If we can figure out how the consumers think, then we can reach
them better than marketers who are only trying to figure out who their customers are.

What Is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a character-driven story that defines your
ideal customer, as well as outlines their motivations, thoughts, behaviors, pain points, and goals.
Buyer personas acknowledge that every person has a thought
process that drives them to look for solutions to a problem and then ultimately to buy.
A buyer persona allows the marketer to connect with that audience on an emotional level and create a customer experience that provides the consumer with the information sought after.
When your target buyer feels heard and understood, they are more likely to buy.
If you want your brand to be more than just noise in the marketplace, then you need to create a buyer persona.
Consumers must understand the value of a product or service before they buy it.
In order to successfully showcase the value, you have to understand how your target buyers make decisions.
This is an example of how psychology is used in this buyer persona process and why it’s so important to connect emotionally with your consumers.
Defining a customer mindset and converting it into a strong
combination of sales, marketing, and consumer psychology components may seem like a daunting task.
But have no fear! That’s where The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System comes into play.

The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System

While other marketing agencies focus on demographics, we focus on psychology.

While other marketing agencies focus on demographics, we focus on psychology. The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System is a one-of-a-kind, data-driven, time-proven plan for developing groundbreaking buyer personas that enhance the customer experience and increase conversions. Created by one of our co-founders, Stormie Andrews, The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System was developed to help business owners and marketers better understand and communicate with their audience. This is accomplished with a series of questions and worksheets that guide the participants to provide insights regarding what the ideal buyer is thinking and doing in each stage of the buyer’s journey: Awareness Stage Consideration Stage Decision Stage This process uses emotion-based marketing to find, capture, intrigue, inform, convert, and delight ideal buyers. A lot of attention needs to be paid to the buyer’s journey, because not every buyer is immediately ready to become your customer, and your buyer persona must identify the transitionary milestones that influence when they are ready to buy. Correctly communicating with a prospective customer requires a fundamental understanding of their decision-making mindset. And The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System develops a messaging framework for this purpose.

Three Realities About Today’s Digital Customer Experience

The “Experience Economy” has only been increasing in significance, meaning that CX is a top priority to consumers and should be to us marketers, too Consumers expect content relevant to where they are in the sales cycle and the channel they’re currently utilizing Buying motives influence purchase behavior WAY more than sales and advertising techniques When you accept these as true, you’ll be ready to see your marketing through a new lens that can shape your company’s growth. How do you enhance CX? The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System. How do you build a customer journey optimized for conversion? The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System. How do you disrupt your industry? The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System. How do you construct a successful long-term marketing strategy? The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System. You know how vital CX is. We’re not here to convince you of that. But without The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System, your marketing plan is lackluster and missing extremely valuable information needed to produce a successful customer experience strategy. Whether you’ve never written a buyer persona or have written a dozen, it’s paramount to revisit your company’s buyer persona(s) frequently, as technology, IoT, society, and the world we live in continue to evolve. By doing this, you’ll create marketing frameworks that are truly indicative of your real current customers and you’ll be amazed at the results!

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